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We hold ready a big offer of new spare parts and services all around Škoda-Oldtimers for you. By very good contacts with manufacturers and partners in Czechia we are able to help also in bigger problems. You find news, line extensions and special offers under "NEWS". You can download offer lists for often demanded product groups as a pdf-file in the column "SPARE PARTS". You receive an overview about the replacement part programme and available services under "SERVICE".                       

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ŠKODA Kalender 2018 / ŠKODA calendar 2018

05/10/2017 13:34
Der neue Kalender 2018 ist bestellbar. Mehr siehe NEWS und AKTIONSANGEBOTE. The new calendar 2018 can you order now. See more in NEWS ans SPECIAL OFFERS.

Hinterachsteile / rear axle parts

06/12/2016 12:08
Ab sofort stellen wir auch einen Katalog für die Hinterachsteile der Heckmotormodelle bereit. Now you can find also a catalouge of the rear axle parts for the rear engine car´s.

Motorteile-Katalog ( Heckmotor ) / List of engine parts ( rear engine )

27/11/2015 15:14
der Motorteile-Katalog für die Heckmotormodelle ist in einer ersten Version online / the list of engine parts for the rear engine modells is in a first version online

Reifen und Schläuche / Tires and Inner tube

06/11/2014 13:52
...ab sofort bekommen Sie hier auch Ihre Reifen und Schläuche..../ .....now you get here your tires and inner tubes......

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