We offer to you an exchange programme for parts like generators, starters, water pumps, coolers, brake shoes, steering gears, cylinder heads et cetera.

Also the rebuilding of your cylinder head for the unleaded fuel is possible. We drag crankshafts and overhaul other assemblies of theirs Škoda's with the original special tools.

A part of these achievements is produced by co-operating companies.

For all the other problems we compile with pleasure a solution for you..... Please contact us.



 complete cylinder head overhaul                                        cylinder head Spartak, Octavia, Felicia           



 new valve guide                                                                harden valve rings




 Engine repair ( Popular up to Š 135/136)



   Gear box repair


   Repair of clutch release shaft                                  Repair of rear axle drives


  Ultrasonically cleaned                                                  High performence cooler

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