From now on you can order tires and inner tubes for your car here. The offer goes from the usual dimensions of the Škoda-Oldtimer to summer / winter / all-season tires for "new vehicles" (cars, SUVs, light trucks and motorcycles).

Below are some examples of common Škoda-Oldtimer tires. For other sizes and makes you get in below a quotation from us.

From two tires of transport shipping charge within Germany. Shipping costs to other countries please inquire with us.

You can also pick up at our warehouse (Segelfliegerdamm 89) personally the tires.

All prices are incl. VAT, plus shipping. The shipping charges you find here: Shipping charges



 5.90-15, 81P 4PR, Heidenau                                  




   155/80 SR 14, 80S, Toyo                                           165/80 TR 13, 83T, Barum Brillantis 2


  Inner tube 155/165-15 for 5.90-15

  Inner tube 155/165-14 for 155/80 SR 14

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