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For those no longer available as new parts brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder for Š 100 and 110R, we offer you now overhauled parts in exchange. This offer will be gradually extended to the 105/120 series.


New in stock is the diaphragm for the screwed underpressure chamber for the PAL-distributors (Octavia / Felicia and older).

Now we have regenerated pedal cross shaft bearings and timing gear covers with sealing ring in exchange for you in stock. All for Spartak/440, Octavia and Felicia.


We now offer regenerated brake master cylinder with pedal (L.H.D.) in exchange for the 1000MB. The version with and without contact liquid level is available.

The prices you can find in the catalougs.


We offer contactless, electronic ignitions (FULMAX) for the PAL-distributors. A installation instructions is included. 

The following versions are available:

Octavia and Felicia ( with + on chassis )

- Š 100 (from the 28.serie), 110/110 R and 105/120 up to 1983,                                           alternative for Octavia and Felicia with - on chassis after modification

- Š 105/120 (from 8/´83 - M-modells), 130, 135/136

You can find the current prices in the online shop.

Shipping charges you find here: Shipping charges


   Octavia/Felicia with + on chassis                              Installation example for M- distributor



We now offer reproductions of decorative parts such as steering wheel cover, rear bonnet emblems, buttons for gear rod, control cables and switches, as well as glasses for the number plate lamps   and engine compartment lights for the types of Spartak, 450 Octavia, and Felicia on. These parts have a very good quality and are made very well.





Also now in the programme: new ignition locks for Octavia / Felicia , and new door locks for the 1000 / 1100 MB, MBG, MBX , new door locks ( pairs) for the 110 R and door locks for the Felicia, Octavia and glove compartment cover Felicia. All single locks have two keys.



  Ignition lock Octavia / Felicia                          Door lock MB



  Door locks (pair) 110 R                                  Door lock Felicia



 Door lock Octavia                                             Lock for glove compartment cover Felicia


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